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We can help your organization plan and implement crisis and emergency
response across your international operations.

Crisis management plans
When your organization faces a crisis, it's critical that you know how best to respond to minimize the damage and its effects on personnel, assets and reputation. In close consultation with your team, we will provide comprehensive, actionable guidelines to help you implement a crisis management framework and user-friendly tools.


Emergency response plans
At a local or site level, developing standard operating procedures to deal with a range of emergency or crisis events is vital. With us, you can formalize contingency planning and aid crisis recovery. Our service includes detailed evacuation plans, crisis communications and tools, and 24/7 support throughout an emergency situation.

Crisis management and emergency response training
Sometimes it's difficult to know how best to translate theory into practice. Our training provides realistic scenarios for groups and individuals to practice their response to a crisis and to identify gaps in crisis management and emergency response plans.

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