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What is Training?

We all hear a lot about training, but very seldom do we sit and think what it really entails.

Training is the ability to impart knowledge and skills and a successful trainer can do this succinctly and with an empathetic appreciation of the audience.

Not all "experts" are good trainers, and each training situation is different.

A flexible, competent training organization can adapt to many needs and training should ideally be Competency Based, i.e. actually learning to perform skills not just pass tests on paper.

"Security Group has been training security and medical support personnel since 1993. "

Who Can be a Trainer ?

Anyone can be called a "trainer" but there are significant qualifications in training, which can be obtained including:

Workplace Trainer Category 1, Workplace Assessor, Diploma of Teaching, Bachelor of Education, other higher degrees (Tertiary education). Trainers with these qualifications have documented abilities to impart training.

  Tactical Vehicle and Escorts for Precious Materials
Security Group Training Imperatives
The basis for the training must be applicable to "real world" situations.

Each course must provide a valid and measurable increase in Tactical Vehicle operational knowledge, or a "refresher" of perishable skills.

The training must be tactically sound and safe in concept and execution.

The training must be offered or conducted by qualified instructor personnel with "real world" backgrounds pertaining to the subject matter.

Each course instructor must have verifiable instructor credentials and these credentials must be made available "on demand" for review by any current student.
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Is Security Group the right trainning company for us?

Security Group has been training security and medical support personnel since 1993. All our courses carry or are pending accreditation and are taught by SF, Law Enforcement and Rescue personnel who collectively have participated in active teaching in the field for many years.

We also place a great deal of stress on Competency Based Instruction: i.e., actually performing the skills rather than simply passing a written test.

Who Should train your people?

Use the following checklist for appraising a Training organisation?

Is the company offering the training a TO?

How long have they been in training and whom they have trained?

What other courses do they teach, relevant to our organisation?

Is the course material accredited?

Who will be the Trainer(s), what is their qualification/s?

Does the Training Company customize the course to different organisations

What other services does the Training Company offer?

Does the Training Company provide references or testimonials?

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