Security Group offers clients totally integrated systems and solutions providing a natural progression from external support to full internal resource security and medical system support, while continiously affording the highest level for client capability and global risk & loss minimization at all levels.
All services are developed without causing interruption of costly daily Resource operational activities
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Security Group delivers a wide range of risk management, training and medica! services professionally planned and executed to confront extraordinary security, medical, training and information challenges.

Security Group sources its personnel from government intelligence, military special operations, and protective and emergency service communities across the globe.

Our teams are staffed by former members of the Indian, British, Australian and N
ew Zealand S.A.S, US Special Forces, Israeli Special Forces and Intelligence agencies, Speztnaz, International Emergency and Rescue Services, Protective Service agencies as well as former members of International Intelligence Agencies.

Our staffs combined experience spans over 25 years of constant battlefield activities, protective services, intelligence gathering and the provision of emergency and rescue services under the most unconventional circumstances
For almost a decade, Security Group has quietly provided intelligence, security, training, counter-piracy, medical and protective services to individual, corporate and government clients worldwide.

Security Group is experiencing unprecedented growth and rapidly expanding to enhance it's profile as oneof the World's most versatile Security, Training and Medical Support Service Providers.

This collective experience, essential to successful high-risk security, training and medical management services has remained at the forefront of our services.

Security Group offers clients combined around the clock expertise in high-value asset security, training,advanced medical services and high-risk operations management.
Maritime security & Special operations
Para Rescue and Marine Rescue
Installation security (oil, harbours)
Counter-narcotics programs
Anti-piracy operations
Anti-smuggling operations
Revenue protection
Fisheries protection and maritimesurveillance
Anti-poaching operations
Natural resource protection
Coastal patrol
Customs & Excise
Training (Security, Medical)
Helicopter Operations and Support
VIP Protection
Medical Response & Training
Disaster Mitigation, OH&S
Manguarding Services
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