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If selected for training and employment, a members’ skill and experience are assessed for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and depending on that assessment; an employee will then undertake aTraining Program of 35 to 100 days duration to ensure uniformity and consistency.

An employee/contractor of the Security Group will already have or will undergo training in the following skills and abilities:

Para rescue:
A member must be capable of performing precision parachute jumps into confined and rough terrain under various weather conditions. This includes jumps into any type of terrain or into the open ocean during the hours of daylight and darkness.

All of our members must be qualified in the employment of helicopter insertion/extraction devices and the techniques/procedures associated with the operations.

Ground Operations:
The training for these operations includes:

Extreme environment survival, Precision Land Navigation, Movement Techniques in Adverse Terrain, Ground Search Techniques, Electronic, Visual and Audible Communications, Paramedic Techniques and Advanced field medicine, Helitack, tactical rappelling and High Angle Rescue Techniques, Basic Fire Training, Driver Training (4wd, Trail bike), Basic climbing skills, Basic horse riding skills.

Water Operations:
All members must obtain and maintain a high standard of water confidence and ability. Areas of training include: Boat Handling, Advanced Scuba (Open & Closed circuit), Oxygen Re-breather Training, Underwater Search Operations, Compass Swims, Maintenance of Diving Equipment, Diving Medicine, Parachute descents into Water, Helicopter escape training, Crash Access, Counter and anti piracy techniques.

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Security Operations:
All Personnel must be Skilled and Disciplined in: Duties of Bodyguards, PC Surveillance, Team positions and tactics, Assassination and kidnapping countermeasures, Improvised explosive devices, Terrorist Techniques used in operations, Psychology of a Terrorist, Hostage situations, Hostage survival, Combat pistol techniques, Tactical training, Firearms, optical devices and Ballistic Armour, Electronic surveillance and Specialist security equipment, Room entry and searches, Vehicle tactics, Sop's. COB unarmed combat and Combat survival, Structure penetration, Long range patrol, Sniper and counter-sniper employment, Intelligence gathering, Precious cargo escorts, Base and perimeter security, Administration of classroom and practical instruction.

Specific entry requirements and pre-requisites for Security Group include: must be or turn 18 years of age in the current calendar year and be physically fit and well in order to perform the physical demands of training and operational deployment, as evidenced by the ability to perform:
3 chin-ups in less than 1minute,
20 consecutive sit-ups,
20 consecutive push-ups
A continuous 200 meter swim in less than 6 minutes
A 2 kilometre run followed by a 2 kilometre walk with a 15kilogram pack in less than 30 minutes
Successful completion of Medical Examination by a General Practitioner

It is essential that all students demonstrate an understanding of basic English, to ensure that safety is maintained at all times whilst operating in the operational theatres and harsh environments.

Training given by Security Group enables a candidate to gain entry to courses leading to awards of educational qualifications such as Degrees, Diplomas or Certificate IV in the appropriate disciplines of Security, Medical Support, and Training & Aviation.

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