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M.S.R. Pararescue and Helicopter support

Security Group can secure MOU's with Helicopters companies to supply Helicopters and Tilt Rotor Aircraft to supplement Security Group’s rapidly expanding Medical Support and Rescue capabilities.

This will enable Security Group to establish unique Medical, Rescue and Transport services through out Southeast Asia, Korea, South America, United Arab Emirates, and Australia.

Security Group can now offer full medical evacuation, security response, observation and transport services to oil, mining, diving and precious minerals industry.

This is in conjunction to Security Group’s unique Pararescue service which can access the ill or injured rapidly, deploy security resources to secure a threatened asset, or deliver personnel to the scene of an incident to provide protection, location, access, and stabilization whilst preparing for transport and evacuation on arrival of the air asset(s).

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Relationships with manufacturers and authorized agents afford us the ability to provide our clients with a diverse selection of top-of-the-line products in anti-ballistic armouring, electronics, surveillance and other mission-critical technologies. No gratuities are accepted from any supplier for recommending security products.


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