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"Security Group is divided into Three Separate and one combined Operational Unit for command and control. Although each unit may draw on the other's capabilities, each division is self contained".
"C.A.T.’s, High-risk
protective services division specializing in small unit security operations and the precise application of extreme force as relates to counter-terrorism, executive protection, guerrilla warfare and unconventional counter-
"Security Group’s Intelligence systems and services are designed to meet critical information requirements. Open and closed source collection, analysis and reporting on Competitive, economic, environmental, military and political developments of Strategic importance to clients doing business in global markets”.
Convert Action Teams -

Anti -Terrorism [AT] - Armouring and Anti - Ballistic Equipment Sourcing, Defensive Construction Technical Consulting, Executive Security Training Programs, Airport Security

Counter - Terrorism [CT] - Direct Action, Emergency Personnel Evacuation, Explosive Ordnance Disposal [EOD] Assessment (BAO), Hostage Rescue, Reconnaissance, Counter and Anti-Piracy Operations

Executive Protection [EP] - Armed Close Protection Teams, Counter -Surveillance, Witness Protection.

Counter/Anti-piracy Operations - Transnational Shipping Surveillance and Armed Escort, GPS Cargo Surveillance,

Courier - Confidential (International & Domestic) Document Escorts (Courier)

Instruction - Small Unit Tactics, Unarmed Close Quarters Combat, Weapons Familiarity and proficiency, HRT, Marine Ops, Paramedical, Airport/Airfield Security, Perimeter and Base Security, Precious Minerals Escort/Protection, Bomb assessment, and EOD

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Intelligence & Investigation

Counter – Intelligence Deception Detection, Espionage: Counter -Measures

HUMINT Programs - Multi -Source Intelligence Reporting, Source Recruitment and Management, Special Operations

Intelligence - Analysis, Document Translation, Geo -Political Studies and Projections, Multi -Source Comparison, Pattern / Trend Identification

Due Diligence - Asset Portfolio, Corporate Affiliation's, Corporate Officer Biographies, Historical Performance, Legal History, SEC Filings

Malfeasance - Ethical Misconduct, Regulatory Compliance, Missing persons, Abduction, Witness Location

Combined Security Response Team/s

Facility Security - Access Control, Communications and Surveillance Systems, Aerial Surveillance, Assessments / Surveys, Breach / Penetration Exercises, SAO / Coordinator Programs, Base and Perimeter Security, Airfield/Airport Security and Counter Piracy/Marine Security.

Information Security [INFOSEC] - Data and Network Security, Encryption Systems, Intrusion Exercises, Policies and Procedures Development, Systems Surveillance

Technical Surveillance Counter - Measures [TSCM] -Complete Spread Spectrum Analysis, Fiber Optic Inspection, IR, UV and Optical Surveillance, Detection to 300+ Ghz.


"Collaboration between CAT and Intelligence (if required MSR) defines the Security Group's mission. Facility and data security services to bring operations as close to incident-proof as is possible. Fence or firewall, this is "hard-target" protection by pros that know high-security from both sides of the perimeter. "
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