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"We are capable of very rapid deployment and operate in a cost effective manner. We are confident that the cost to a client of deploying Security Group International is in variably cheaper than the cost of sourcing alternate forms of external assistance."
   Our services and capabilities include but are not limited to -
Protection and security for base, installation, airfield/airports, assets and personnel from threats that may be encountered in urban, marine, aviation, suburban or rural environments, includes the placement of personnel, equipment and training
Access Control to compound area, Convoy Protection where required, Oil, Gold, Diamonds and Uranium Transport Protection
Escort Protection for high level Corporate Executives visiting their facilities.
Hostage Negotiation and Rescue, Corporate Counter Insurgency Programs in war torn
Resource/facility Counter Sabotage Programs, Staff Evacuation from instability and/or civil Unrest
Provision of the latest security monitoring equipment covering all areas, Provision of Special Guard Forces that follow military discipline & ethics
Set-up and Training of local personnel using a "force multiplier" effect
Loss Prevention Programs in all areas, Global Risk Management and Assessment
Crisis Management and Contingency Planning Implementation
Covert Protective Operations (CPO) that will enhance projects, Stand-by Special Response Force (SRF) for asset protection and recovery
Establishment of specialist security systems, Medical retrieval systems, Including
emergency response vehicle/s or medical services
Provide advice and assistance to management in the development and implementation of site wide loss control Policies and procedures in order to minimize loss from sub-optimal conditions or practices relative to workplace safety, security and emergency response
Manage and train effective emergency response teams for situations of fire, accident,
chemical or oil spill, marine rescue and civil unrest
Offer real world solutions to meet clients' needs to be accomplished through the concept of deterring, detecting, and defeating the threat
Provide adventure, navigation, and survival and rescue training for industry and general public, including first aid and emergency care, CPR and Early Access Defibrillation
Ambulance/Paramedic Emergency Care
Conduct workplace specific courses for organizations and provide specialist training for
clients using security Group’s unique training and local content system
Assist and advise with incident investigations, maintain project safety statistical information and compile reports for Government, and company reporting requirements
In conjunction with management, develop safety, security and emergency response policies and procedures and submit recommendations for approval advise and assist Clients in the implementation of these procedures, which will include security and emergency response
Implement and manage effective project security and emergency services, Develop and implement site-training programs for safety, emergency response and security
Provide commercial aviation and diving support to marine protection, assets and rescue operations
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