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Security Group is able to offer International Government/Corporate clients a comprehensive range of services covering the following main areas:

Counter Terrorism & Counter Insurgency

All forms of services are available. Full CT & CI teams can be provided for the entire operational cycle,

from basic to advanced training to the ultimate field execution. Our teams are composed of highly qualified personnel that have been involved in worldwide audacious and acclaimed operations.

Our aim is to help in stopping terrorist acts through the total elimination of terrorist attack cells & their resources.

Drug Law Enforcement Operations
Related to Government Anti-Drug programs targeted against international drug
Bodyguard Units
We setup, train Government & Presidential Bodyguard Units. Several of our team members have been involved at commander level or unit members in the protection of Presidents, Royal Family members, Middle East royalty, high ranking military personnel, Prime-Ministers and high risk dignitaries.
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This service includes the repatriation of individuals and personnel from areas affected by local insurgency and other factors that put their lives in danger.

Other related services include the apprehension of violent criminals, the capture of high-risk individuals who can threaten Government Sovereignty and the safety of its nationals.
Special Missions
Include special government assignments in areas of national security protection, pathfinder operations, protection of government emissaries to problematic and high-risk countries and the protection of sensitive shipments etc.
We can carry out a wide range of training programs in: highly trained, world renowned and
Counter Terrorism disciplined Guard force, can deploy up to
"Security Group as an exclusive recruiter for a highly trained, world renowned and disciplined Guard force, can deploy up to 300 personnel to any location in the world within 30 days with full helicopter and medical support"
Special Forces 300 personnel to any location in the
Marine Operations -Fisheries and Anti-Piracy programs world within 30 days with full helicopter
Amphibious and medical support
Border Security
Desert and Jungle operations
Defensive Tactics
Tactical Medic
Para rescue and Helicopter Evacuation services
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All government services are undertaken with appropriate regional government clearance & approval.

Although we are competent to perform in all areas of security risk management and planning, our main expertise is in the areas of operational field assessments, intervention and execution options at the highest level under hostile and hazardous conditions for both Corporate and Government clients.

We pride ourselves in being able to actively assist you when others only offer advice.
Our hallmarks are total dedication and integrity. Furthermore, we guarantee client confidentiality and absolute secrecy.

We recommend you to find out why leading corporations and discerning top executives come to us for their protection, corporate security and crisis management.


Executive Protection
We offer a full range of the most sophisticated protection currently available. A detailed threat assessment will be carried out, the appropriate, most cost-effective security counter-measures will be put in place and reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that they remain appropriate to the changing levels of threat.

Hostage Negotiation & Rescue Operations
In the event of kidnap by terrorist or criminals or an illegal detention by a foreign government we are able to offer professional assistance in the resolution of the problem in such a way as to maximize the chances of a safe release or rescue of the victim(s).

Staff & Medical Evacuation
We can assist in the preparation of evacuation plans. However, our experience is that no matter how good the plans are, when they need to be executed, circumstances have changed and there is generally a need for expert leadership on the ground to guide personnel through the evacuation. This may involve dispatching specialist airborne or seaborne rescue teams and setting up asset protection teams to protect valuable assets abandoned during the evacuation.

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Sensitive Shipments Protection
Be it nuclear waste for reprocessing, toxic material or high value cargo, we are able to offer a full range of protective services from the planning of routes, specially through sea lanes frequented by pirates, to the provision of protective teams on board vessels and at ports of call.

Off Shore Oil & Gas Platforms Protection
Many of our teams have extensive experience in the protection of offshore rigs and platforms from terrorist attacks in high-risk parts of the world. These skills can be harnessed to security and evacuation procedures and to the protection of high value volatile assets during periods of political and civil unrest.

Maritime Security At All Levels
We are able to offer security solutions to all forms of maritime operations from shipping to stevedoring, warehousing and transportation. Vessel security and safe passage through pirate infested areas is one of our specialties.



Mining Security
Our teams have experience in the protection of high asset value mining operations around the world, especially in war ravaged areas. In addition we are experienced in the protection of executives working for mining companies who attract special hostile attention from insurgent groups.

Corporate Physical Assets Protection In Hostile Environments

As globalization accelerates more and more corporations find themselves operating in locations in medium and high risk parts of the world, remote from their headquarters. In the case of a major crisis occurring we have teams ready for immediate dispatch to: Assess the situation on the ground, Establish communication networks, Assist in the protection & evacuation of personnel, Asset Protection

Crisis can be the result of political or civil instability or natural disaster such as earthquakes,
tsunami, bushfire, floods, etc.

Security Group’s projects are generally sensitive in nature and, therefore, we apply strict rules of confidentiality to our work and client relationships. These rules are reflected in our contractual obligations, corporate code and employment terms. Our code of confidentiality is absolute. Our security procedures are rigorously enforced to ensure protection both for the client and ourselves. As such, we do not divulge the names of our client or their location apart from generic geographical location solely for the purpose of referencing.

We maintain a "No Media" policy for our own, but more importantly our client's protection. We do not vary from this criterion under any circumstance or for any reason.

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