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Panic Rooms, more commonly called Safe Rooms, as recently featured in the film starring Jodi Foster, are increasingly being installed in homes, offices or any other building where people may be at risk from the threat of kidnap and /or violence.(picture courtesy to Columbia Tristar) Safe Rooms are, of course, not a new idea and almost any home or office can have a room cost effectively converted in to a 'Safe Room' Obviously the cost involved will depend on the level of risk and security required, however a fairly secure environment, able to deter and delay access for a significant period of time, can often be achieved at a remarkably low cost. Safe Rooms are often associated with politicians, celebrities, industrialists or other high risk personalities but more and more 'ordinary' people today are realising the value of installing a Safe or Panic Room into their home or place of work.


Generally Safe Rooms will be purpose made to suit the property, the environment and the likely risk involved. If the property is new or undergoing substantial alteration then the Safe Room can be designed for optimum performance and the surrounding areas designed to accommodate it. More often than not however the room will be required to be incorporated into an existing property and so greater care and attention to design will be required.

We will arrange a visit with you to assess the likely risk and requirements
for example-
Is the purpose to protect against Terrorist Attack, Assassination, Kidnap, Intrusion or Domestic Violence etc.?

This will determine the level of protection involved - Obviously if the threat is terrorist attack or assassination, then the level of protection involved will be considerably higher.

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